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Welcome to 'Stories For Kids': Portions of this site were last updated on Tuesday 28 Apr 2015!

This website is dedicated to readers of every age and to everyone that has a story inside them who are waiting for the opportunity to release that story.

At this time there are a total of 10 books available for sale - all written by Lyla V. Byers - on this site and those stories can be found at Stories.

Each volume has three stories, except for Dragon's Lair and Murder at Blue Lake which are single story books. No volume is the same.
They are laminated so as not to tear or get dirty. They have nice big print with lots of pictures.
Each hardcopy volume sells for $14.95. Electronic versions in PDF format are only $9.95 and can be downloaded immediately. The books are 7" by 8.5" and are coil bound.

Would you like to help us write our next storyline? Great! All you have to do is help us choose a topic for our next story and then you can contribute aome of your own ideas to the story. Check out our progress on our Help us Write A Story Pgae!

We also offer prospective writers the opportunity to list their own personal stories on this site in addition to offering their written stories for sale. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer please contact the author.

In addition we will soon be offering prospective readers the opportunity to join our online readers club. Once you sign up you will receive access to all books available on this site so that you can read them online. One new book a month will be added to the readers club and made available to all members. Membership will only cost $9.95 per month.

We also will have tips for young writers to follow to help them create their own stories. The tips can be found here.

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